Bourbon Legend


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Bourbon Legend

Words: Scotty Dimond

Music: Vernon Service


I strolled into the dusty town

With a six shooter on my hips

I got just one last bullet left and one

Helluva thirst on my lips


I push open the doors to the local saloon

And meet a sea of weary eyes

By the time I hit my bar stool

They've all just realized



I'm the bastard that drinks each bar to close

I'm the drunkard who falls on his face

I'm the man who calls your lady a harlot

I'm the drunk with no social grace

I'm the cowboy who likes his whiskey

Served warm in a dirty glass

Tonight I'm the bourbon legend

And you all can kiss my ass


I push away from the smokey bar

And take a glance around the room

The piano man is playing nervously

Hoping to God that I'll leave here soon


I grab the nearest pretty lady

And slip some silver in her blouse

I still got one lonely bullet

And a fire I just can't douse




Well she's paid by the hour to make me smile

She hasn't succeeded yet

And if you think I won't see the morning

I say that's a pretty safe bet


So now I cock that lonely bullet

I think it's just about time

And all the ghosts of this here whiskey bar

Step up to the stage and chime



(c) 2002 The Hung Jury