I Don't Remember (Why It Was I Drank To Forget)


Bourbon Legend | I Don't Remember (Why It Was I Drank To Forget)

I Don't Remember (Why It Was I Drank To Forget)

Words: Scotty Dimond

Music: Scotty Dimond/Lars Gessner


I waken to the sunlight beating

On this heavy, heavy head

I don't recall how I dragged my ass

Into this messed up bed


I can taste a distillery on my tongue

And hear a murder of crows in my ears

But one thing just ain't for certain

Cause the memories just ain't so clear



I remember goin' to the local bar

And I remember sittin at my chair

I remember ordering that first round of drinks

And I remember that cold blank stare

I remember the fist that hit my chin

I remember that final bet

But I just don't remember

Why it was I drank to forget


Well it coulda been due to money

Cause I ain't got a penny to my name

Coulda been for my bad luck

Cause I got plenty of that just the same


Coulda been for the woman who

Done broke my heart like a whore

Could been for a million things

But there's just one thing that I'm sure




Well now I try to jog my memory

Of the events of late last night

I recall the shouting

And some kind of a fight


I remember that you wouldn't kiss me

Though I don't remember why

I just seem to remember

You couldn't look me in the eye



(c) 2002 The Hung Jury