The Hung Jury


Original Songs

Here are the lyrics to the Hung Jury's original compositions. Check back often to read new songs as they're added!

1. Bourbon Legend
2. Cactus And The Desert Rose
3. Dead Man's Hand
4. I Don't Remember (Why It Was I Drank To Forget)
5. Legend of the Hung Jury
6. She's My Reason For Livin' (And I Live To Drink)
7. Sweet Jezebel
8. Swingin' By My Neck
1, 2, 3, 6, 7: Words by Scotty Dimond, Music by Vernon Service
4: Words by Scotty Dimond, Music by Lars Gessnar
5: Words & Music by Vernon Service
8: Words by Scotty Dimond & Vernon Service, Music by Vernon Service

Bourbon Legend



I strolled into the dusty town

With a six shooter on my hips

I got just one last bullet left and one

Helluva thirst on my lips


I push open the doors to the local saloon

And meet a sea of weary eyes

By the time I hit my bar stool

They've all just realized



I'm the bastard that drinks each bar to close

I'm the lush who falls on his face

I'm the man who calls your lady a harlot

I'm the drunk with no social grace

I'm the cowboy who likes his whiskey

Served warm in a dirty glass

Tonight I'm the bourbon legend

And you all can kiss my ass


I push away from the smokey bar

And take a glance around the room

The piano man is playing nervously

Hoping to God that I'll leave here soon


I grab the nearest pretty lady

And slip some silver in her blouse

I still got one lonely bullet

And a fire I just can't douse




Well she's paid by the hour to make me smile

She hasn't succeeded yet

And if you think I won't see the morning

I say that's a pretty safe bet


So now I cock that lonely bullet

I think it's just about time

And all the ghosts of this here whiskey bar

Step up to the stage and chime



Cactus and the Desert Rose



She was barely past her eighteenth year

When she met Cactus Pete McGrew

He was apologetically handsome

In a way that he never knew


He was running from the U.S. Marshalls

For the murder of several men

But the way he touched her was anything

But murderous in its intent



She fell in love with an outlaw

And he fell in love with a queen

He'd shot up half New Mexico

In places she'd never been

Like a Rodeo and Juliet

How these star crossed lovers ever chose

But they lived like hot lovers

And died under the covers

The Cactus and the Desert Rose


He gave her her first taste of whiskey

At the Too Far Gone Saloon

Then they stumbled into the darkness

Made love under the light of the moon


He taught her the things that

A lady should never want to learn

How to shoot from twenty paces

And cheat at cards an' never get burned




Well that day finally came when Cactus

Asked his Rose to come along

They followed the stars and they fell out of bars

Like you in some old cowboy song


But they were runnin' with the bad luck

And the bullets came that day

Now two flowers bloom in the dark and gloom

Of two unmarked side by side graves



Dead Man's Hand



He was a stranger in town

And nobody seemed to know his name

He just waltzed into town and

Decided he'd join their poker game


He came off awful strong

Like so many city folk would

Well now dying's his business

And let me tell ya, business is good



Now he's face down for the count

Call the undertaker to make him his bed

Put the silver on his eyes

Death's the cold bride that he's gonna wed

Facing that pale white horse

Was something I reckon he never planned

But now I'm prying the warm six shooter

From the fingers of the dead mans hand


Old Jebediah Watson

From the farm just out yonder back

Was found dead one Sunday morning

Shot dead from young Jesse Black


Well the boys and me decided

To hunt that young vermin Jesse down

Now he's six feet closer to the devil

But a dollar short of entry under ground




Well I sure have my vices

And the skin of a pretty lady sure tastes sweet

So much to discover

One another, it just can't be beat


Well it seems that my luck has run out

Cause I picked the sheriff's wife

I've run of whiskey and money

And good luck and life



Now I'm face down for the count

Call the undertaker to make me my bed

Put the silver on my eyes

Death's the cold bride that I'm gonna wed

Facing that pale white horse

Was something I reckon I never planned

But now they're prying the warm six shooter

From the fingers of this dead man's hand

I Dont Remember (Why It Was I Drank To Forget)



I waken to the sunlight beating

On this heavy, heavy head

I don't recall how I dragged my ass

Into this messed up bed


I can taste a distillery on my tongue

And hear a murder of crows in my ears

But one thing ain't for certain

The memories just ain't so clear



I remember goin' to the local bar

And I remember sittin' at my chair

I remember ordering the first round of drinks

And I remember that cold blank stare

I remember the fist that hit my chin

I remember that final bet

But I just don't remember

Why it was I drank to forget


Well it coulda been due to money

Cause I ain't got a penny to my name

Coulda been for my bad luck

Cause I plenty of that just the same


Coulda been for the woman who

Done broke my heart like a whore

Could been for a million things

But there's just one thing that I'm sure




Well now I try to jog my memory

Of the events of late last night

I recall the shouting

And some kind of a fight


I remember that you wouldn't kiss me

Though I don't remember why

I just seem to remember

You couldn't look me in the eye



Legend of The Hung Jury
I knew a feller name of Danny Hall
Two feet wide, five feet tall
When he rides by all the ladies call
"Sweet Sugar!" Danny Hall
On and on the Jury hung
From the TCH down the 401
The greatest band that never was
And the things they'd never seen
I knew a feller by the name of Lars
That's Gessner with his gun at the bar
You know he won't stagger very far
'Cause the next round's on ol' Lars
Ya know Scotty Dimond is a friend of mine
He likes his whiskey but he'll drink yer wine
He'll drop his pants at the drop of a dime
So Scotty don't fall behind
I knew a feller named "Burnin'" Vern
Banged his head til his brain was churned
Went half crazy on the ol' moose urine
That's Service..."Burnin'" Vern
I know a feller by the name of Eddie
His eyes are sharp and his hands are steady
He makes sure all us drunks are ready
From Chebucto Road
Cape Breton Island
Nova Scotia, Canada
That's Eddie!

Shes My Reason For Livin' (And I Live To Drink)



She's got a crazy crazy hold on me

One I can't really quite explain

The more she treats me like a government mule

The more I'm runnin' back again


But I've found a way to tolerate

And put up with her evil mind

I take a little bit a whiskey

And a helluva lot of wine



Cause as God's up in the heavens

And there's a fire burning down below

There's only one way or the highway

And I'm sure you know the way it goes

I've tried other ways to fix this all

I tried a lot more than you think

Cause she's my reason for livin'

And I live to drink


You see she really can be a sweet woman

If I say all the right words and such

But bein' a drunk and well, bein' a man

You know that doesn't happen much


But I've found a way to keep me happy

To keep everything goin' fine

I take a little bit of whiskey

And a helluva lot of wine




Well she tries to be a textbook lover

But she won't let me turn a single page

If all the world is like the theatre

She won't let me up on the stage


But I found a way to steal that kiss

Yeah the last laugh is always mine

I take a little bit of whiskey

And a helluva lot of wine



Sweet Jezebel



She likes whiskey and cigarettes

And dancing with her skirt above her knee

She likes heroes and cowboys

And men with pistols have the size of me


Oh I love her

She's my sweet jezebel


She drinks gin on Sunday

Cause she always said it was a day of rest

She's got a hundred lovers

But she always said that she would love me best


Oh I need her

She's my sweet jezebel


She picks lace over satin

Cause she likes the way it feel upon her skin

She's gonna be the death o' me

She's right beside me through thick and sin


She's gonna kill me

O my sweet jezebel


She rides horses without saddle

Cause she likes the way it makes her feel so free

She curses like an outlaw

But she'll always be a lady to me


Oh I love her

She's my sweet jezebel


Swingin' By My Neck



It was getting late and I had one hand to go

I was sure I'd win the loot and go on home

Then in walked Bernie McGee from south Tennessee

The man with eyes as black as coal


He threw down his money and said I'm in the next hand

I tried to argue but he smiled like the damned

I threw down by cards but he just lit up a smoke

And said "Youll never beat my hand"



When I awoke this mornin'

I was dead

Had a rope around my throat

Canvas bag upon my head

It seems that Id been drinkin'

Lost a bet

But don't leave me there

In the city square

Swingin' by my neck




Well the clock struck twelve and it turned hotter than hell

And I could see the fire in ol' Bernie's soul

He'd won another hand, just like the bastard planned

And I was 200 bucks in the hole


Bernie laughed and said "Let's make this a game

Put our lives on the table" and I stalled

Something inside me made me tell him "I'm in..."

And then in seconds flat ol' Bernie called





Well I kicked over the table and I went for his throat

Like a demon with eyes a full of fire

I called him on his game, cursed his crooked crooked game

Called that son-of-a-bitch a cheat, a goddamn a liar


Well ol' Bernie had won so I drew out my gun

I stared into his evil eyes of black

I tightened on the trigger with my itchy drinkin' finger

And told him that I wanted it all back


He told me I had lost at such a heavy heavy cost

I'd have to pay the piper back at dawn

I shook my head no and said one of us must go

But the rest is a whiskey flavoured fog



All songs (c) 2002, 2003, Hung Jury Music