The Hung Jury


It's Eddie!

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Eddie Chebucto (pronounced "Shu-buck-tow")
"Ready Eddie", "Songbook", "Judge" ('cause he's sober as a...)
What He Does:
Sings, plays guitar and bass
What He Drinks:
There truly is nothing like Big 8 Root Beer...
What Music He Likes:
Tom Waits, Matt Minglewood, Gordie Sampson, Rock Ranger, Showcoaster, The legendary Squatters, Willie, Johnny, Merle and Waylon...Bing Crosby and Jim Reeves at Christmas.
What He Looks For In A Woman:
Someone who likes Bing Crosby and Jim Reeves at Christmas.
What He Likes:
When "The Hung Jury: The Movie" goes to production, who would he like to portray himself?
Owen Wilson
What The Press Has Said About Him:
Jill McGovern, Albequerque Times (09/15/99): "(Eddie) is the glue that holds this rag tag outfit together...without him they would be nothing more than a campfire sing-a-long at a Rehab Camp..."

Eddie Chebucto, (c) 2002 Curt Dillon