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Vernon Service
"Sweaty Palmer"
What He Does:
Sings and plays guitar
What He Drinks:
Alexander Keith's. the occasional Jameson's
What Music He Likes:
Dwight Yoakam, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Slayer, S.O.D., Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Ice-T, Metallica, Hank Williams (Sr. & Jr.), Motorhead
What He Looks For In A Woman:
Someone who hasn't gone down Paul Malden road...
What He Likes:
Playing guitar in the great outdoors of the Great White North, free beer and simple livin'.
When "The Hung Jury: The Movie" goes to production, who would he like to portray himself?
Jack Black
What The Press Has Said About Him:
Ed Montgomery, Pot of Gold Reporter (3-15-02): "(Service) is like a breath of stale air in a sewer...offensive in a loveable and caring way..."

Vernon Service, (c) 2002 Kelly Nicholls