The Hung Jury


It's Trousers!

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Scotty Dimond (pronounced "Diamond")
Trousers (due to his drunken habit of dropping his drawers on stage)
What He Does:
Sings and makes a genuine fool of himself
What He Drinks:
Keith's Celebration Amber Ale, Gilbey's Gin, Old Bushmills, Black Bushmills, Jack Daniels, Absinthe, Budweiser, Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale, Tartan, McEwan's, Tennents
What Music He Likes:
Johnny Cash, KISS, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Motley Crue, Willie Nelson, The Squatters, Marilyn Manson
What He Looks For In A Woman:
One who'll pick his drawers up off the floor.
What He Likes:
Drinking, playing music, drinking, womanizing, drinking, falling down, drinking, dropping his trousers, drinking, foreign films, drinking, long walks on the beach, drinking, spam.
When "The Hung Jury: The Movie" goes to production, who would he like to portray himself?
Lars Gessner
What The Press Has Said About Him:
Earl McGyver, Tennessee Waltz (07/15/02): "(Dimond) has the drunken swagger of Jim Morrison, the foul mouth of Johnny Rotten, the on-stage debauchery of Hank Williams Sr. and the vocal abilities of Johnny Cash - he's a bona fide f**k up destined for ruin..."

Scotty "Trousers" Dimond, (c) 2002 Jamie Greer