The Hung Jury


It's Sweet Sugar!

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Danny Hall

"Sweet Sugar", "9 lb Hammer" (cause he's got one if you know what I mean)

What he does:
Plays guitar, fiddle, tin whistle and sings like the red-headed step-child of Soul!

What he drinks:
30% and higher

What music he likes:
Classical, big band, gospel, and children's songs

What he looks for in a woman:
No teeth

What He Likes:
Playing Red Rover Red Rover and running the streets  with only a pair of pink frilly shoes on.

When "The Hung Jury: The Movie" goes to production, who would he like to portray himself?
James Brown, with lots of white make-up!

What the press said about him.
Dan J. MacInnis, Meat Cove Times: (02-27-01) "The man is white from the outside only. (Hall) has more rhythm, blues and soul than the streets of Detroit on a Friday night."

"Sweet Sugar" Danny Hall, (c) 2002 Calum MacPhee