Swingin' By My Neck


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Swingin' By My Neck

Words: Scotty Dimond & Vernon Service

Music: Vernon Service


It was getting late and I had one hand to go

I was sure I'd win the loot and go on home

Then in walked Bernie McGee from south Tennessee

The man with eyes as black as coal


He threw down his money n' said I'm in the next hand

I tried to argue but he smiled like the damned

I threw down my cards but he just lit up a smoke

And said "You'll never beat my hand..."



When I awoke this mornin'

I was dead

Had a rope around my throat

Canvas bag upon my head

It seems that I'd been drinkin'

Lost a bet

But don't leave me there

In the city square

Swingin' by my neck


Well the cards they kept a-dealing and old Bernie kept a-stealin'

The games like I was givin' them for free

I kept on a-losing an' he kept on a-winning

This game was taking its toll on me


I order a drink and maybe ten or fifty more

I was losing my senses with my gold

Old Bernie kept grinning like the devil when he's winning

I knew that my soul had been stole




So when the clock struck twelve it turned hotter than hell

And I could see the fire in ol' Bernies soul

He'd won another hand, just like the bastard planned

And I was 200 bucks in the hole


Bernie laughed and said "Let's make this a game,

Put our lives on the table" and I stalled

Something inside me made me tell him "I'm in..."

And then in seconds flat ol' Bernie called





Well I kicked over the table and I went for his throat

Like a demon with eyes a full of fire

I called him on his game, cursed his crooked crooked game

Called that son-of-a-bitch a cheat, a goddamn a liar


Well ol' Bernie had won so I drew out my gun

I stared into his evil eyes of black

I tightened on the trigger with my itchy drinkin' finger

And told him that I wanted it all back


He told me I had lost at such a heavy heavy cost

Now I was to pay the piper at dawn

I shook my head no and said "One of us must go..."

But the rest is a whiskey flavoured fog



(c) 2003 Hung Jury Music